Return On Experience: Capitalize on what clients don’t think they know

Choice_ThumbIf a telephone could ring with fear, then my phone was having a meltdown. My client, Ashley, was gasping for breath. “I just ran down four flights of stairs from my boss’ office,” she panted. “Margaret was supposed to speak at our industry’s annual convention next week, but she’s been called out of town to meet with our biggest client. Now she wants me to speak in her place.” Before I could respond, Ashley added, “I’m absolutely terrified of speaking in public. Carol, you’ve got to help me.”

I looked at my watch. We had 30 minutes. How could I help Ashley break through a paralyzing fear that outpolls most people’s fear of death? On a conscious level, I hadn’t a clue. Yet my subconscious coach knew better.

Eighteen minutes later, Ashley experienced a major breakthrough that changed her life – and my coaching – for good. “It’s as if that fear had happened to somebody else a long, long time ago,” she later marveled.

This article shares the coaching formula that helped Ashley, and later, hundreds of other ‘stuck’ clients, experience a sudden seismic shift – a potent blend of the most useful things I have learned from years of studying coaching and NLP.

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