Carol shares her discoveries, insights, humor, and wisdom through books, blog posts, and articles. “Carol puts into words thoughts that I didn’t even know I had,” one reader remarked. “Her writing has helped me learn a lot about myself, as well as the people around me. “

A journalist and magazine editor by training, Carol started blogging in the late 1990s before the term web log had even been coined. “It was a way for me to process the self-discoveries I was making during that time in my life,” she explains. “Writing stories helped me process the learning, and emailing those stories allowed me to share my discoveries with friends.”

Soon, readers around the world started asking Carol to publish her life lessons — called carols — in book form. The result was her 2003 collection of stories, The book of carols: Songs of discovery on the path to enlightenment.

The discoveries continue on her new blog – CarolLines.

Carol’s writing has appeared in numerous national and international publications over the years, including The Washington Post, TV Guide, Travel-Holiday, American Film, The Asian Wall Street Journal, and The China Business Review (which she edited from 1980-84). A career highlight was interviewing Keith Thibodeaux, the actor who portrayed Little Ricky on I Love Lucy, on the occasion of Little Ricky’s 30th birthday.

Currently Carol is completing a book on her Return on Experience™ (ROX) model. That is, when one of her two black cats isn’t hogging the computer.