By teaching and mentoring them on how to coach.  Increasingly, coaching skills are lauded as essential leadership skills. With millennials moving up into managerial and executive roles, the old top-own, command-and-control style of leadership is giving way to a more collaborative, coach-approach to developing talent.

Ask emerging leaders to describe the figures who have most influenced their lives, and you’ll hear statements like:

“They asked great questions.”
“They listened more than they spoke.”
“They walked their talk.”
“They were authentic.”
“They let you know they cared.”
“They encouraged you to think for yourself and learn from your mistakes.”

These are the qualities that make a great coach.  Of course, coaching and training are two different skillsets.  Carol is equally adept at both.  She designs and delivers experiential coaching skills workshops that managers, leaders, and fellow coaches describe as “impactful,” “innovative,” “immediately useful,” “transformational,” and “fun.”

Carol’s trainings are informed by her own training as a coach, communications professional, and certified NLP trainer.  She can customize programs of any length on:

Action Learning Team Coaching
Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders
Essential NLP
The Purpose-Driven Question™
The Return on Experience (ROX)™ model (link)
The Intelligent Outcome™ model (link)
The Four A’s Coaching Model:™
Ask, Don’t Tell
– Assess, Don’t Assume
– Agree, Don’t Order
– Act, Don’t Avoid

Carol serves as a Mentor Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) to help coaches earn their first, or next-level, ICF credential.

She also offers group supervision to cadres of internal coaches inside organizations.  Carol is a former internal coach with a Fortune 500 firm, and author of an influential white paper on Top Trends in Organizational Coaching (link).

Contact Carol to explore the opportunities for training, mentoring, and coach supervision.