CarolLines: Personallergies

Kate is allergic to shellfish. Rita is allergic to Kate’s friend, June. Over lunch they wondered why.

“One minute, June’s whining about money,” Rita complained. “The next, she’s bragging about her theater weekend in Manhattan or her upcoming trip to Turkey. How come it doesn’t drive you nuts?”

Kate pointed her fork at Rita’s plate.  “If I ate one of your shrimp,” she explained, “I’d have a reaction that you don’t have. Maybe your reaction to June is less about what’s going on with her, and more about what’s going on in you.”

Consider the adverse reactions you have to certain personalities. What about that person is driving you nuts?  How are you behaving in response?  Is something being triggered inside of you that warrants examination?

Personallergies can often be cured with a good dose of self-awareness.